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TIM Baler

(Product number: A136208800)

TIM Baler license key will enhance your IsoBus baler by enabling Tractor Implement Management functionality providing automatic baling cycle control when working with a certified TIM compatible tractor. More information: See Product description.

EUR 560.00 excl. VAT
* Prices valid till 31.08.2023, yearly adjustment for conversion rate to EURO

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Product description:
TIM Baler license key can be used on your Kubota ISOBUS Techno Pack equipped variable chamber round baler, set to the latest standards and equipped with the latest software version.
This additional licence key to activate the software module is another step forward for your intelligent baler to optimize the baling cycle, maximize the efficiency and set a new standard in terms of driver experience and comfort during long days of baling.
Toenable the system, you need to use the baler in combination with a TIM technology compatible tractor and have the Techno Pack option installed on your baler.
The TIM Baler license key provides the following functionalities:
TIM technology authorizes the control of certain tractor functions such as forward speed, PTO and auxiliary hydraulic valves, allowing the baler to initiate commands to the tractor,which will then execute them instead of the driver. The target is to release the driver from having to make multiple repetitive sequences of actions during the baling cycle in order to increase efficiency and operator comfort.
The level of automation that can be achieved by the system depends on the capabilities of the TIM tractor connected to the baler, so that according the tractor model and brand, the operations may vary slightly. The TIM Baler from Kubota is optimized to the maximum extent to work best with Kubota TIM compatible tractors.
Examples of functionality and benefits are:
-          Tractor speed management for slowing tractor forward motion during binding and bale ejection
-          Automatic opening and closing of the tailgate for bale ejection
-          Self adjusting PTO rpm in order to maximize fuel saving and optimisation of baler operation
-          Automatic holding of bale ejection in case of working on slopes is detected for maximum safety
-          Only one input from the driver needs to be made over a full bale formation cycle (instead of many more per bale with non-TIM mode)
Extra functionality on Techno Pack equipped balers:
-          Humidity control and measurementallowing direct control of moisture level of the crop being baled and display of average moisture content of the previously formed bale.
-          Bale ejection control device allowing safer and more comfortable operations in all conditions.
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