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IsoMatch GEO-SC

(Product number: A136035100)

License key IsoMatch GEO-SC to continuous full functionality of the application IsoMatch GEO-SC. For more information: See Product description.

EUR 1,140.00 excl. VAT
* Prices valid till 31.08.2023, yearly adjustment for conversion rate to EURO

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Product description:
IsoMatch GEO-SC can be activated on the Kubota IsoMatch Tellus GO and can be used on all Kubota ISOBUS implements, set to the latest standards and software.
This additional  licencs key to activate the software module terminal is another step forward in the innovation of ISOBUS Virtual Terminals and fulfill your future needs in terms of easy, smart and efficient farming.
To get full operation with implements you need also the IMPLEMENTcontrol license key SPREADERcontrol, SPRAYERcontrol or SEEDERcontrol depending of your requirements.
IsoMatch GEO-SC license key provides the following functionalities:
Section control
IsoMatch GEO-SC performs automatic switching on and off implements sections.
Functionality examples and benefits are:
-          Shut off when driving over previous covered area
-          Shut off when driving outside field boundary
-          Shut off driving backwards (< 1.2 km/h)
-          Manual override possibility
All documentation and data can be exchanged between farm management systems and IsoMatch GEO-SC via an USB memory stick.
Functionality examples and benefits are:
-          Store totals per task
-          Store applied rate per task
Export in IsoXML and HTML
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